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  1. Cooling Systems
    Hi all, I've been trying to diagnose an issue with my 2006 Cross Sport's cooling system. The radiator fans aren't coming on at all: not when a/c is enabled, not when sitting in traffic getting very hot (temp gauge rising above norm). I connected the green test connectors and watch the...
  2. Cooling Systems
    Hello all, 07FXT 4EAT here, I’ve been getting huge overheating after a coolant drain and fill a few months back. Checked it out and found cracks in the radiator. ordered a mishimoto rad and external trans cooler. Put them in and burped the system to get all the air out. No leaks anywhere...
  3. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    My Subaru Forester xt has been having overheating problems she was working fine When I got her probably drove her 100 miles after getting her took her out one day and the radiator over fill spilled out all over the engine was tryna figure out why after watching lots of videos I thought maybe it...
  4. Cooling Systems
    I’ve been searching for and have failed to find a good aluminum radiator with the shroud for a 03 forester x, and since I have to replace the radiator anyway might as well upgrade... thank you !
  5. Cooling Systems
    Hi everyone 1st post just discovered it couldn't believe my luck great effort by so many diverse lovers or haters of Subaru's. My question is this what other radiators would fit without to much mucking around my main problem is finding a good used one. Being a manual 5 speed is not really a...
1-5 of 5 Results