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  1. ('98-'00) 2000 - Alignment questions - symmetrical toe in back ok - caster limit?

    Wheels and Tires
    I got Crossclimate+s put on today and the boys at the tire shop (so many new hires) didn't want to change the symmetrical toe in the back since it had 0.00 thrust angle. The car didn't need alignment according to them (front alignment is included with the tires, I had paid for rear but will ask...
  2. 2003 project car - does this seem like a good idea?

    Forester Shopping
    Im 17 and have been wanting a 03-07 forester for a few years now. I found a listing on next door ( ) for an 03 xt at a super good price. Its a project car but ive been wanting to get my hands greasy for a while now. I would be buying the car and...