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  1. Offroad Suspension
    I have an 09 FXT with a 2"/2.5" ADF lift kit(w/ included 2" subframe spacers) and .25"/.5" Rallitek springs on KYB struts. I recently had a CV go out(I know it's common for things to go bad) and am just wondering what are some parts I can upgrade or add to decrease the wear on my entire...
  2. Offroad Suspension
    I want to put some strut spacers on a 2008 Forester of about 2 inches, I want to know if anyone knows any brand or site that you guys have used that are sort of cheap but have worked well. Also, after installation of the spacers, what should I do? I heard that it has to be aligned and camber...
  3. Wheels and Tires
    Hey, I have an 02 forester, im getting to a point where I’m going to be needing new tires here in a close while. I am looking at allterains, I’d like a good tire for off-roading, however I’m nervous about the amount of pavement driving that I do. Any suggestions on what tires y’all are running...
  4. FXT side

    FXT side

    2017 Subaru Forester XT with 3 inch Lift, front and rear suspension upgrades, stage 2 engine mods and Off road light, protection upgrades.
  5. Members' Journals
    The basics: I inherited a Woodland Green, 2005 Forester X from my late grandmother. Once it was legally mine I jumped right into the mods. You can follow my build on Instagram at Mods I have done so far: Added a CB radio: a Uniden Pro 520XL Made...