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  1. Interior and Electronics
    Getting a 17 FXT Touring and wanted to swap the non NAV unit to the OEM NAV unit. There are multiple units for sale on ebay etc with the SD card. Is this a simple swap plug and play or is there more to it?
  2. Lighting and Electrical
    Trying to understand how the SG9 facelift HID leveling system works with a view to swapping it into my X. I've seen posts referring to leveling components on the suspension, small leveling motors for the lights and also a dash switch with 5 manual settings on it. Wondering then is the system...
  3. Utility and Protection
    Hi, so I’ve showered all of google and Oem Subaru sites. Does anyone know an aftermarket brand or oem site that sell a bug deflector / hood protector for the 1st gen 98-00 or am I out of luck? I’m in search of one for my 99. Would the 01-02 version fit on my 99 or the mounting too different...
  4. Towing and Hauling
    So I had the OEM 1.25" hitch installed, but now am looking to carry a sturdier bike rack and they all need a 2" hitch. Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket 2" hitch that is compatible with the OEM hitch's bumper cutout? I wouldn't want to have a big gap there, or replace the bumper. Cheers!
  5. EJ25 - 2.5L Non-Turbo (1998-2010)
    Hey guys, recently I made a post about putting a new engine in my 06 forester (ej253). Some of you guys recommended I go with an EOM short block instead of a JDM motor. Long story short I sent my heads out to be redone, ordered a Subaru short block from a local dealer, and finally ordered a...
  6. Sourcing Parts & Accessories
    Need help! Need to get my car back to stock. moving to california for my new duty station :/ looking for oem downpipe
  7. Interior and Electronics
    No service or anything done to my car recently but overnight, my Subaru Forester 2018 OEM push button remote start stopped working. Tried replacing the battery, no change. Doesn’t matter the distance, I press twice as I always did and the remote blinks green and doesn’t start. Not in service...
  8. Suspension and Handling
    Attempted to figure out the rear squeaking/clunking again today. Went to two local shops, my usual mechanic and a Subaru specialist, both told me they didn't know what was causing the squeak/clunk after both performing thorough inspections. Was feeling like I'd never figure it out and then came...
  9. Parts For Sale or Trade
    Cleaning the garage while moving and have these for sale. Forester has been sold so these need to go! Items are located in Durham, NC. Locals always get first dibs! Best way to contact me is through PMs. Only payment accepted is Paypal and Cash. Paypal if it needs to ship. Cash if you are...
  10. Parts For Sale or Trade
    Sold by Subaru for a 2019 or 2020 Subaru Forester, a complete set of: -4 Floor liners (front & rear) These are much better than mats, -1 Rear Cargo Tray -3 Rear Seatback protectors (to protect the back of the fold-down seat) 8 individual items, total. Like new. Fit perfectly, to protect the...
  11. Wheels and Tires / Tyres
    Hi there My '19 did not come with TPMS and am looking to adding it. Trying to find something that would integrate with the OEM screen, not some aftermarket separate screen like the 70mai for example. Anyone seen/heard if there is a part number for the TPMS system, and if it can be installed and...
  12. Exterior and Body
    I have a 2.5i base without the OEM rails. I understand this is a pain in the donkey to install the OEM rails as it involves pulling down the headliner. I enjoy pain in the donkey projects and I pretty much hate all the other insanely expensive options available to me for naked roof rails/cross bars...
1-12 of 12 Results