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oem radio

  1. Interior and Electronics
    Is there any way to add an Aux input to a forester x which didn't come with one? I have the pocket next to the 12 volt plug and would I'm wondering if I my stock radio will work with an AUX input. If I can, are there any products the you would recommend?
  2. Interior and Electronics
    2014 Forester 2.5 Limited. Stock non-nav head unit (Clarion, CF625UM) Found an online item - 2016 WRX "stock radio"... touch screen, Clarion unit, CV641UL. Has trim panel that "fits" the center stack and also over-lays the HVAC controls... So, will this fit? Plug n play or no...?
  3. Interior and Electronics
    Hey guys, I just got my second Forester since moving over to OZ a 2011/MY11 and love it! I was having issues with the bluetooth staying connected, so looked into getting a firmware update. A bit of searching and I found one, installed it following the instruction. Bluetooth now works great...
  4. Interior and Electronics
    Hi Folks, I purchased a 2010 Forester last year and the stock radio's screen went completely blank a few months ago. The radio works with most buttons and the steering wheel buttons, but the Tilt button doesn't work, along with the dvd/CD, and blank screen. The previous owner bought a radio to...