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  1. 2018 - New Forester Owner - A few URGENT questions?

    Offroad Fozzies
    Hey all, Just purchased a 2018 Forester 2.5i Premium (picking it up tomorrow!). Was initially looking for a truck, but the trucks I looked at had sold before I could see them. Lucky for me, the Forester came along. I have a new job that is very remote and will require me to do some significant...
  2. 2000 forester s turbo auto

    New Member Introductions
    Hi you all I hope u are doing well, I just got myself a bone stock 2000 Forester S turbo (Automatic ☹) With 150,000 driven kms and I have very little experience and knowledge in modding turbo cars, I have big hopes plans for it even swapping to 6 speed m/t in the later future but for now I...
  3. ('19+) PNW '20 Forester Sport

    Members' Journals
    Leased my new '20 Forester Sport - Crystal Black Silica with package 24 on 1/9/20. I installed an AEM Cold Air Intake, and enjoy the sound and responsiveness. I plan to tint the front windows, and vinyl wrap/plasti dip the orange on exterior once it starts warming up in Eastern WA.
  4. New Owner, SH Model hoping to make it more off-road capable!

    New Member Introductions
    I recently got a 2012 Forester X and have big dreams of turning into a badass, long lasting all-terrain vehicle. But, I don't know much when it comes to car modifications and inner workings. All I've done so far is add BFG KO2 tires and Black Rhino Boxer wheels. Which forum should I post in...
  5. New to the forum!

    New to the forum!

    Bought used 11-2-19 2010 Subaru Forester XT W/119k Miles One carfax owner, good service records. Fully stock.