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  1. ('19+) 2020 - Navigation map doesn't work? (video)

    Interior and Electronics
    Hi, I'm from Chile, I have a Forester 2020 Limited EyeSight. I reset the radio to factory settings and the navigation map stopped working, I updated the radio with the latest system and map update (from via USB) and it doesn't work either. In the system information I don't get...
  2. 2014-18 - Not quite a Forester Owner yet, have some questions?

    Forester Shopping
    I am selling another car and will soon get a 2014-18 forester and was wondering if I should look for one that has nav or not. Is the added expense for the Nav package worth it as far as the Nav part of it. I assume the stock radio system is adequate- I am not necessarily an audiofile nor do I...
  3. ('09-'13) 2009 - New Navigation Head Unit - Recommendations?

    Interior and Electronics
    Hi all, I've recently purchased a 2009 Automatic Subaru Forester here in Australia. First time poster and this looked like the perfect place to post :) My Forester still has the stock head unit with the 6 cd, radio and AUX input. I would like to replace this with an in-dash navigation unit...