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mud flaps

  1. ('03-'05) DIY Mud flaps template?

    Utility and Protection
    Hi all, new to both this forum and the forester-life. I wanna make som cheap mudflaps to see how i like it without having to spend alot of money on pre-fabricated ones. I know I can make a template out of cartboard or something, but was wondering if anyone has any digital template with the...
  2. ('14-'18) 2015 - Fender Push Clips - replacement fasteners withing a sane price range?

    Exterior and Body
    Hello, Got a question about the Push Clips used to secure the panels to the inner liner and ect. I had a Push Clip fastener get lost from my front Rally Armour mud flap, in the process the Z bracket slid down and is popping under. I'm sure Subaru has plenty of this buggers but last time I broke...
  3. ('98-'00) 1998 - Mud Flap Dimensions to make my own?

    Exterior and Body
    Hello all, First post here. Just got myself a 1998 Forester as my daily driver. Really enjoying it so far. I'm also a rally fan and was looking into mud flap options. Saw the Sparco models and read the reviews. Then saw a handful of options just at or above the $100 mark (RallyArmor, Gorilla...