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  1. Motor Conversions
    Hey i have a 2005 forester that i want to swap over to turbo My question is if i get a 05 forrster xt ecu and a turbo engine and the swap be done with my current wirring. I have found a engine turbo and a forester xt ECU
  2. EJ25 - 2.5L Non-Turbo (1998-2010)
    I bought a 2005 Forester xs manual with a rebuilt motor and after owning it for a couple weeks suddenly starting burning oil and through a code for running rich. Might need a new motor if it wasn't done correctly . Just wondering what motors to look for that would work with the ecu and harness
  3. Motor Conversions
    What engine can i swap for a Subaru Impreza outback 2.5i wagon. Ill be wanting to get a manual transmission on it as well can anyone help with a list or some of the best Subaru engine to put on it?
  4. Motor Conversions
    Ok so first post, tell me if I'm doing it wrong. My 2004 fozz got a knock so my fiance and I decided to swap the engine to a 99 ej25 we found online. The "new" 99 engine was running when it was pulled. We successfully got the donor into the car but are having issues getting her to start. From...