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  1. Forester Shopping
    I ordered a Forester Premium with Option package 15 which has the power liftgate, blind spot, etc…. I assumed as part of this package that the color MFD would be included. The sales rep is saying it comes with the basic monochrome one. The subaru site shows it in the interior view of the premium...
  2. Interior and Electronics
    Hi all, Is it possible to move(duplicate) the rear camera view from MFD to OEM Video/Audio system?
  3. Interior and Electronics
    Hey y’all I have a base 2015 forester and I’m currently upgrading my interior. I have the climate controls with less options and thus a mfd with only one screen like the first picture. I want to upgrade to the temp controls that have more buttons and more than 4 ac settings and it seems to...
1-3 of 3 Results