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  1. ('14-'18) 2017 - Around what RPM do you shift up in your manual 6 diesel?

    EE20 - 2.0L Diesel
    Very curious how others drive this particular beast. The 'upshift suggestion' indicator on the dash is completely useless, way too low. This is my first Diesel and so still getting used to it, a bit concerned about over-revving it but maybe it's unwarranted. I usually shift between 2-3k RPM...
  2. ('14-'18) 3D Gadgets- 2014 Forester ( Manual)

    Parts & Accessories
    Has anyone 3D printed any cool gadgets/ accessories/parts for their foresters? Not really looking for anything in particular just seeing what's out there and see if I want to print them as well. I've browsed 3D models sites but didn't find anything too intriguing.
  3. ('06-'08) My 06-08 Forester XT MANUAL Driveshaft interchange experience

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    Hello all, So the Carrier Bearing went out on my driveshaft. I have gone to a pul-a-part places locally and found that the 06-08 Forester MANUAL Transmission driveshafts are unique to this model! I first tried to replace it with an auto 06 Outback Driveshaft, it did not fit. Again with an 04...
  4. ('09-'13) 2009 - Manual Transmission Leak?

    Transmission and Driveline
    I need help finding where my 5-speed manual transmission is leaking. All of the fluid is isolated to the passenger side towards the front of the transmission. The car is also reading a code for the neutral switch input circuit high, I don't know if its caused by the leak but I think it would...
  5. Dual-Range Gearboxes

    Transmission and Driveline
    Hey guys. I have had trouble finding anything like this so here I am. Most wI'll know that the LO range isn't all that low. I was trying to find if anyone had increased the gear reduction and what parts they used or If there is some kind of kit. Thanks
  6. ('14-'18) 125k overhaul 2.5i 6MT experience

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    Hello everyone. To get the question out of the way first: Is there a way to remove some gear oil from the transmission easily? If not, will extra damage the engine? I thought I might be able to siphon some out of the dipstick (didn't work) and didn't know if releasing some from the drain would...
  7. ('09-'13) 2010 - How to Install the wiring for an aftermarket subwoofer/amplifier?

    Interior and Electronics
    I have a 2010 Forester with the manual transmission and I am looking to install an aftermarket subwoofer into the car. I am unsure as to where I can pass through a wire for power from the battery under the hood into the cabin. Any ideas? Also, If anyone has done a similar project on an 09-13...
  8. 2006 forester manual EJ253 into a 2010 outback auto EJ253

    Motor Conversions
    Looking to swap a 06 manual EJ253 engine into a 2010 outback EJ253 that’s an auto. The outback has blown headgaskets and needs some other work. Would the engine from 2006 forester fit in the 2010 outback since they are both an EJ253? Or maybe at least the block? I know there was some changes to...
  9. ('98-'00) 2000 - Replaced the clutch and now wont start? - SOLVED!

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    I replaced the clutch and flywheel on my 2000 forester and I been having problems with starting the car after everything was put back together. Engine originally cranked but sputtered so I changed the fuel filter (yes the lines were put on correctly and theres fuel going to the injectors) and...
  10. ('09-'13) 2012 - Need to replace the manual trans $5000+ - suggestons on my next steps?

    Transmission and Driveline
    Hello, I am faced with this dilemma: Found out that I need to replace the manual trans in my 2012 for $5000+, which is probably what it's worth. No option for rebuild, why? 4th gear started getting wonky about a month before new clutch (last Nov Thanksgiving Eve, no thanks) and lost 3rd and 4th...