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maintenance schedule

  1. ('19+) 2020 - What is covered (FREE) in the "basic" maintenance schedule 3 year / 36000 mi?

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    Hi, I purchased a 2020 New Forester few weeks ago, I see the basic warranty is 3 year / 36000 mi with every 6 month / 6000 mi checkpoint. Based on the 2020 Normal Maintenance Schedule PDF file: Questions: 1) Are all the items in the list at every 6 month check point FREE? 2) If not all...
  2. ('14-'18) 2017 - Oil/tires maintenance warning; car is new to me

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    I have a 2017 2.5i Premium that I bought from a dealer about 3.5 months ago. Due to COVID, I haven't driven much. The oil change sticker on windshield (from dealer) tells me I have a few thousand more miles to go before I need an oil change. A couple of weeks ago, I took a 1,000-mile road trip...