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  1. Transmission and Driveline
    There are several posts on this but non very clear. I bought an 07 x sport and I want to put a limited slip differential in it. As I understand it you can put an LSD from any WRX or car running the R160. My question is is it all plug and play is there a certain year or differential that is...
  2. Brakes
    I really like my '08 as its the last year of the wagon body style. But one of my biggest complaints is the lack of an electronic brake-based limited slip (TCS/Xmode). I've gotten stuck in two-wheel spin many times even with the stock rear mechanical LSD. Are there any software modifications...
  3. Offroad Fozzies
    Good day! First Question: Has anyone on this forum installed the Russian rear differential: It sells for a VERY reasonable price, which produces doubts about the quality. It may also be due to the Rouble-Dollar exchange rate? Second question: Are...
1-3 of 3 Results