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lowering springs

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  1. Suspension and Handling
    Hi All, A couple of months ago I installed 2005 WRX wagon struts and springs onto my 2004 Forester XT. I have noticed that the back sits lower than the front, I understand this is common and I need to get some sagy butt spacers. The main issue I am having is when I have 2 bigger people in the...
  2. Suspension and Handling
    I got a 2004 xt on lowering springs. I have 9.5 wide tires with +30. They stick out about a little less than an inch. My wheels rub when I go over a bump and so I’m wondering if there is an easy mod to to stiffen it up a little bit. Sway bars? Suspension pads? Thanks in advance!
1-2 of 2 Results