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  1. Lighting and Electrical
    Hey everybody! I recently purchased some fog lights for my '08 XT Sport and wired them using the factory wiring and button. However when I turn on my fog lights it backfeeds the circuit and turns on my high beams. I have LED low and high beams too. I want to know if there is a way to stop it...
  2. Lighting and Electrical
    Hi first time driver ever and I have a 2007 subaru forester and I have to replace one of the screws for the license plate light does anyone know where I can get it or what kind it is cause idk if I can pass inspection with a screw missing
  3. Lighting and Electrical
    I've noticed a bunch of threads on wiring aux lights, and maybe there's just not many states with restrictions, but I need some recommendations on the easiest way to wire lights that keep my forester Virginia legal. The law is, no more than 4 (headlight) bulbs on at a given time. So, having the...
  4. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    New member on here, recent purchaser of 2015 Forester XT. When initially test driving this vehicle, it exhibited these symptoms, which they explained was an issue they were working to resolve, and the dealer fixed the issue before we purchased it. 3 weeks into owning the vehicle, once again...
  5. Lighting and Electrical
    I’m not really sure how to word that. But, I got tinted headlight housings and it made the light beams really faint compared to the OEM light housings. Can I put different bulbs in there to make it brighter? And if I can what would I need? I have a 2010 Subaru Forester. The current bulbs are...
  6. Lighting and Electrical
    I was actually planning a retrofit upgrade on my headlights but i was informed that my unit can't be upgraded by a local shop. Now my headlights seems dull and I'm looking for an upgrade. Currently looking at Philips H11 xtreme vision / diamond vision. There's no law/regulation in my country...
  7. A FOREST: How we got here.

    A FOREST: How we got here.

  8. Lighting and Electrical
    I bought a 2008 L.L.Bean edition, love it to pieces. However, at night when I shift the letters/numbers aren't illuminated. Is that light out or simply no light there?