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  1. Lighting and Electrical
    This is my first post so direct me to the correct thread if I am in the wrong here. I am installing some off-road lights on my 2004 forester xs, and I was hoping I could find switches/buttons to go in the panel where the cruise, fogs, and defrost are located. Ideally I’d get them for the 2...
  2. Lighting and Electrical
    Hello, I know this topic probably gets beat to death, but I had some questions on adding fog lights as well as wiring roof light bars. Just bought a 2020 Forester premium without any fog lights. Scouting the forums, alot of people recommend the DD SS3 plug and play kit. However, I did not see...
  3. Lighting and Electrical
    I think it would look cool to have my mirror lights on when the parking lights/headlights are on. Better yet a switch like the fog lamps. Additionally, fog lamps on while parking lights on would be cool too. Anyone tried or successfully accomplished this? I’m sure it’s not too difficult, just...
1-3 of 3 Results