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  1. Videos
    Here’s my latest video on my Subaru Channel. Me and a buddy did a Friday the 13th overnighter on Bingham Mtn, a local Jeep trail in North Alabama. X-Mode came in handy a few times and the Subaru outperformed my expectations! Hope y’all enjoy! if you like it, throw your brother a subscription please!
  2. KIMG0347.JPG

    09 lifted Forester project
  3. KIMG0497.JPG

    09 lifted forester
  4. KIMG0495.JPG

    09 lifted project
  5. KIMG0496.JPG

    09 project
  6. KIMG0499.JPG

    09 project
  7. Offroad Suspension
    What is different about your forester since you lifted it? Mine makes creaking noises and other vibrations. I bought lifted so I don't know what one feels like before and after.
  8. Videos
    Just dropped my first YouTube video documenting a 5 day overlanding trip I did last month in my 2017 limited 2.5. If you're interested in checking it out here's the link...
  9. Steering, Suspension and Handling
    Now that my Forester is lifted I can clearly see issues that need some love. It looks like my front control arm bushings are in pretty bad shape. The arm itself looks a little rusty...after the lift the angle of it isn't too bad (right?). A good mechanic friend of mine said I'm better off...
  10. Offroad Suspension
    So I own a 2001 forester with 2” strut spaces and subframe spacers to even out the alignment. I’m wondering if anyone has some tips as to why my check engine light would be on? And why it looks higher in the front than the rear!?
  11. Offroad Suspension
    I have an 09 FXT with a 2"/2.5" ADF lift kit(w/ included 2" subframe spacers) and .25"/.5" Rallitek springs on KYB struts. I recently had a CV go out(I know it's common for things to go bad) and am just wondering what are some parts I can upgrade or add to decrease the wear on my entire...
1-12 of 12 Results