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  1. Lighting and Electrical
    Does anyone know if the fog lights / covers are interchangeable between the 2019-21 and the 2022? Pretty sure the front just got slightly tweaked with the headlights being different but not 100%. Would like to get a pair of the JDM fog covers with the top LED strip.
  2. Lighting and Electrical
    Hi guys, So i started replacing the interior lights to LED in this order, 1. Maps 2. Dome 3. Trunk When I replaced the trunk,that didn't work and in turn stopped the maps and dome to also stop. Even the door puddle lights stopped on both sides. I suspect a fuse may have been blown when...
  3. Diode Dynamics
    While shopping for some LED fog lights, I saw that you carry LED door/puddle lights. I never noticed them on my car before because they are so dim and I have the optional auto dimming side mirrors with approach lights. Which color temp bulbs would best match the approach lights in the mirrors?
  4. Interior and Electronics
    Hey all, I’m have a 2005 Subaru Forester SG Turbo and I’m looking to do a LED conversion on the globes on the speedo cluster to white instead of the ugly green ones it has. Does anyone know what type of LEDs I would need for this? Thanks all
  5. Lighting and Electrical
    Here’s my install video of the Subiespeed hatch light. The difference is night and day and well worth the purchase and install over the crappy stock rear hatch light.
  6. Lighting and Electrical
    I have tried two different LED bulbs and I believe they all have wrong focus. I can feel that the cut off line is diffusing, and sometimes oncoming cars flash high beam to me(they thought my high beam was on). However I don't want to go back to halogen bulbs because the filament breaks easily...
  7. Lighting and Electrical
    Looking for new headlights as one is cracked and getting water in it. What's the best oem+ / aftermarket lights or slightly better upgraded, maybe LED Lights. Preferably in Australia or a website that ships to Australia. Any and All responses are appreciated, Cheers 🤙
  8. Lighting and Electrical
    The factory halogen headlights on my Forester were yellowed, one cracked, and generally gave very poor illumination. I decided to get new headlamps from eBay for about $170 and do a projector upgrade. After doing some research I settled on the Morimoto M LED 2.0 BiLED Projector from The Retrofit...
  9. Lighting and Electrical
    Team, when I open the rear power lift gate on my USDM 2020 Forester Limited, it looks like there are three panel covers over left, right, and center positions. Thes provide access to the reverse lighting on the sides and gate latch in the middle. I can't seem to find any mention of accessories...
  10. Lighting and Electrical
    I've searched but cannot find, What's the difference between fog covers 57731SJ180 / 57731SJ190 and 57731SJ140 / 57731SJ150? Im looking for the Stock, Black, Sport covers to complete my LED upgrade and I'm seeing both pairs come up, the former about half the price of the latter. Why the 100%...
  11. Lighting and Electrical
    Done a ton of researching on this forum and can't find the answer sot his is my first post ... My 2015 FXT Premium (non-eyesight) came with halogen headlamps that had chrome housings and although there seems to be a place for a C-style DRL ring around the Low Beam, it is saliently missing (I've...
  12. Lighting and Electrical
    I was actually planning a retrofit upgrade on my headlights but i was informed that my unit can't be upgraded by a local shop. Now my headlights seems dull and I'm looking for an upgrade. Currently looking at Philips H11 xtreme vision / diamond vision. There's no law/regulation in my country...
  13. Lighting and Electrical
    Please can anyone help me identify what color wire, in the door harnesses, powers the LED Approach Light? I have existing OEM LED Approach Lights. These are built into the side view mirrors on a 2016 FXT. I have removed the door card and back probed the 10-wire connector on the harness bundle...
1-14 of 14 Results