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  1. ('19+) Steering wheel protective cover - advice needed.

    Interior and Electronics
    I just realized the steering wheel in the Subaru is smaller than in my other cars which means I cannot use the cover that can is sold at Auto Zone or other auto store. I do not think Subaru makes one either. Does anybody here use a nice steering wheel cover - I would prefer leather one but...
  2. New Subie owner- 2020 Forester Sport

    New Member Introductions
    Howdy! Just purchased my wife a 2020 Forester Sport from Five Star Subaru in Grapevine TX. Had a wonderful experience with Ron Berman as our salesman. Came across a smokin' deal, and I was able to negotiate the installation of custom LEATHER seats! They were even able to match the orange...
  3. StarTex/Onyx Edition - available on the Forester in 2021?

    Forester Shopping
    Hello all. Brand new here, so if this is in the wrong spot just let me know. I had a 1998 Forester way back when, and recently planned to get another. Was deciding which model/color/etc, and in my researching came across the new Outback Onxy Edition which has StarTex on the seats. It sounds...