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  1. Suspension and Handling
    This is for a 2012 Forester X. I have searched and searched and found many reputable answers, but nonetheless, I keep stretching and snapping rear lower control arms bolts! I have found shop manual values of 89 for the inner, outer and lower strut bolts. The inner and strut bolts both...
  2. Suspension and Handling
    I’m looking for performance parts for the front end on my 2014 Subaru Forester XT Touring. LCA, end links, ball joints, bushings etc. any recommendations/suggestions?? I’d like to do it all at once…
  3. Suspension and Handling
    Hi all, This forum has been an incredible resource for me thanks to all of you wonderfully knowledgeable people for making this place what it is. I just wanted to share my experience for other DIY folk like myself. Car: 2017 Subaru Forester w/ 104802 miles. Salvage. Carfax report indicated it...
  4. Suspension and Handling
    I know there is a lot of information on this forum going over this but I haven't seen many photos or walkthrough of exactly how to fit these STi control arms on an SJ Forester so I winged it and took some photos along the way. This was done on a 2015 Forester XT. I bought these 2016 STi lower...
  5. Parts For Sale or Trade
    For sale in Houston TX - aftermarket LCA (left and right) $50 each and OEM bushings $45 each. Cleaning out my garage; sold the Forester a long time ago.
1-5 of 5 Results