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  1. Parts For Sale or Trade
    -KYB GR-2 -Swift Sport Springs -3/4" Saggy Butt Spacers You could swap these for 1/2" spacers, but we liked that the 3/4" allows for putting gear in the back of the car. The rear is soft and will tend to sag even with some mild weight added. SOLD $275 in Northeast Louisiana, if you need...
  2. Steering, Suspension and Handling
    Hi all, I was hoping to get some input regarding suspension options. I was intent on upgrading the suspension to something more street-friendly, but I recently got a permit to access a trail along the beach. I don’t plan on full-on mud running or rambling, but I’m trying to find the best setup...
  3. Steering, Suspension and Handling
    Will 09-13 SH Forester KYB Excel-G Struts Fit On 06-08 Forester ?? If so,,, What pros/cons? Thks
1-3 of 3 Results