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  1. ('19+) 2019 - Infotainment latest version ?

    Interior and Electronics
    Hello, I have issues my current infotainment; it does not memorise the saved radio chanels, some time it freezes with a incoming call rang when AppleCar active, etc. What is the latest version that I should be at to fix these bugs ? FYI my current version is Thanks
  2. ('19+) 2020 - Playing Videos? (merged thread)

    Interior and Electronics
    Hello, So I just got my new 2020 Forester Sport the other day, and before I got it I had seen online that the 2015+ STI will play videos with the Starlink system. I was wondering if anyone has been able to get this to work with the Forester Startlink Infotainment system. I really dont want to...