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  1. 2006 impreza outback 2.5i wagon engine swap capability??

    Motor Conversions
    What engine can i swap for a Subaru Impreza outback 2.5i wagon. Ill be wanting to get a manual transmission on it as well can anyone help with a list or some of the best Subaru engine to put on it?
  2. FS: (For Sale) 2004 Forester XT 5 Speed manual

    Canadian Marketplace
    I am the original owner, bought newer Forester, no collisions, solid body, original paint on body, runs well, doesn't blow smoke, engine not rebuilt, original turbo, lots of good oil changes, well maintained, new brake pads rotors front struts past 500km, clutch and timing belt last 90k, factory...
  3. ('14-'18) 2015 - Starlink Software for Impreza?

    Interior and Electronics
    I'm currently in search of the starlink software for my 2015 impreza. I attempted using subaru-maps but it tells me that my VIN is invalid (or that I should "wait a few weeks"??) Does anyone have a copy of the software of a repository of the software somewhere?