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  1. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    We have owned our 2020 Forester since Nov 20 and we have noticed that it doesn't like the cold weather at all. Today while it is cold outside -25C we let the car warm up for 20 minutes and still couldn't get it over 50kph on an 80kph road, this with a near 4000 RPM. I find this unacceptable and...
  2. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Hello all, had a couple questions as my 2012 Forester is my first Subaru. (Took a ride in one a couple years ago and fell in love!!) a little background, I bought it used, one owner, clean carfax, 115k miles, drives great, runs great, had a Subaru mechanic comb it over and said it was in great...
  3. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    I have 83k miles on my 2014 Forester 2.5i and in the last week the engine is revving high. For example, at 40 mph, it's at 1500 RPM and at 50 mph it's close to 2000 RPM. It doesn't seem to be shifting. Has anyone had the same issue? this just started happening.
  4. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Hello, 2005 2.5xs I'll start the car, drive for a few minutes, and then disengage the clutch and the engine will rev up to 5000. Whether I am at a stop sign or pulling into a parking spot, it will stay high(up to 5000rpm) for about 5-10 seconds and then go back down. It seems to get better...
1-4 of 4 Results