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  1. FOTM - September 2020 - We Don't Need (Paved) Roads. *** POLLS OPEN

    Forester of the Month (FOTM)
    We've got ten submissions before the deadline, imagine that... Smash that voting button. Polls close 09.30.2020...... @angelibelly @Poconosteve @ScoobyLTD @Kevin @Pam Watts @jdac85 @cre8value
  2. FOTM July 2020 - At home in the wild *** - Polls CLOSED

    Forester of the Month (FOTM)
    Get your votes in.... Do it online and no worrying about it being deemed invalid if mailed in. (100k+ CA people mailed in their ballots late back in march. :rolleyes:) Polls close 7.31.2020 @xtn - e-Boxer stands in the parking area in that photo. It just looks it is in the wilds...
  3. FOTM - July 2020 - At home in the wild *** Submissions CLOSED

    Forester of the Month (FOTM)
    July: "At home in the wild" - Show your Forester out in the forest/woods/trails/off-road This month is for those who like to explore the unknown with their Foresters. Some of you may already have shots like this while others may need to go hunting for them, no pun intended. Whether you're...
  4. FOTM June 2020 - “Quarantined Dreams” - Polls Closed

    Forester of the Month (FOTM)
    Time to Vote - You don't even have to stand in line or lick a stamp to mail it in... Polls Close 06.30.2020. @xtn @FozzieBalou @USMC_Subie @Jonny Irish