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  1. Forester of the Month (FOTM)
    It's October 2021. We're all still recovering from 18+ months of COVID and all the restrictions that have kept us in or kept us alone. But we still have to go places, do things, pay bills, shop, buy stuff and - for at least some of us - we have to work. This month, we've found that, like...
  2. Forester of the Month (FOTM)
    And that moderator would be me... A bit about FOTM (Forester of the Month) - This is a monthly "contest" for any member to post a picture (or pictures) of their Forester (no matter the generation, no matter the level of modifications (box stock to oh-my-gawd-lookit-what-they-did!)... Picture...
1-2 of 2 Results