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  1. Fuel Economy and Alternative Fuels
    Hi. Recently bought Forester (2009, 2.0lt, auto) with 140K mileage. It is even my first car. I noticed that acceleration is significantly lags when fuel is under 15 liters. Did some tests in recent few days and when gauge shows above 20lt, especially around 30 liters acceleration is fast, very...
  2. Motor Conversions
    My friend has an 09 n/a forester and wants to turbo charge it what would be the best plan to go forward with the mod I'm thinking Either by harvesting parts from a forester xt same year, getting after market parts, or just doing an engine swap if it's a good idea to go with a swap what would be...
  3. Forester Shopping
    I am currently a college student in Missouri and I drive a 2010 honda fit w/112k miles on the clock. I have been given the opportunity to move out to Denver for an internship this summer, and was also looking into getting a different car in the near future. I love my fit, but there are a few...
1-3 of 3 Results