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  1. Interior and Electronics
    I drive an 09 Forester for about a year. The engine immobilizer aka security indicator light used to flash once every 3 seconds. But last night I mistakenly tried to lock the car with fob while the driver's door was open. Naturally, it alerted me with lights and chirps. Then I closed the door...
  2. Interior and Electronics
    Hi all, my wife drives our ‘14 Forester. I lost my entire keychain including our second key with fob on my birthday last spring. 🤦🏻 Now every time I drive her car, my punishment is setting off the alarm until I start it. It’s time to replace the key & fob. I just got a quote for $225 from...
  3. Eastern Forum
    Looking for an inexpensive programming in the DC area of a new key FOB for my 2021 Forester.
  4. Interior and Electronics
    I've read through some other threads about key fobs not functioning but none of them seem to align with what I am experiencing Here's the background: I go to unlock the car with the key fob one morning and it works like normal. When I go to start the vehicle it cranks for a second and then it...
  5. Interior and Electronics
    We just got a fantastic deal on a cherry 2015 Forester, but - it only came with one chip key. Needless to say, we're not comfortable with just having one workable key, but we're also not comfortable shelling out hundreds of dollars right now that we may need for important things in the coming...
  6. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    How long have peoples’ fob batteries lasted with daily commuter use? And does the fob just die or is there a noticeable active or passive warning that your fob’s battery is running low? I’m coming up on my one-year anniversary with my first keyless access vehicle – and Subaru – so this is new...
1-6 of 6 Results