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  1. Cooling Systems
    Hello! I've been having issues with my radiator fans for a few weeks now and have gone through previous posts on this forum and the Outback forum but have not been able to diagnose my problem so far. Seems like a lot of great knowledge here so giving this a try. Here's a summary of what's...
  2. Cooling Systems
    Hey guys, I've seen a couple threads where people share charts like this one: At what temperature do your rad fans turn on? that shows when the radiator fans turn on. I'm not sure where people find these, I can't seem to find one like it in my manual and I can't find any online that are specific...
  3. Cooling Systems
    I’ve been searching for and have failed to find a good aluminum radiator with the shroud for a 03 forester x, and since I have to replace the radiator anyway might as well upgrade... thank you !
1-3 of 3 Results