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  1. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Yesterday we drove roughly 150 miles round trip to various stores a town across state. Nothing abnormal. Got about 10 miles from home and my dash lights up like a Christmas tree with everything turning off, RAB, EyeSight, etc. I get a message on the screen saying "Check Owners Manual", etc. The...
  2. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    2021 Subaru Forester Sport. I'm currently at a beach that allows vehicles to drive on it. While driving with traction control off on the sand, the VDC Warning light kicked on and disabled RAB and Eyesight. I can't find a whole lot on VDC issues with the newer models besides that other safety...
  3. Driver-Assist Technology and EyeSight
    I tested my new Forester's safety systems - a few questions: 1. Under what circumstances do you get the steering wheel to give you lane keeping assist feature? I was not able to get it while switching lanes without my signal bring on or slowly pretending to veer slightly off my lane. 2. I tried...
  4. Driver-Assist Technology and EyeSight
    I have read on this forum and also seen some advertisements for local glass shops stating they will recalibrate your driver assist safety system (EyeSight in our case) with a windshield replacement. My question is what exactly do they do when they recalibrate the system? Why is this even...
  5. Driver-Assist Technology and EyeSight
    Hi, in Singapore, we get a really weird configuration of the Forester. We get plenty of features including eyesight and blindspot monitoring, however our forester lack the lane keep assist feature that I see is often bundled with eyesight overseas. From my reading it seems to use the electric...
  6. Interior and Electronics
    Hi . I would be happy for help knowing where to place the dash cam viofo 119 in forester 2020 With eyesight . Which fuses should be used In the fuse box. 1) for 24 hours continuous . 2) Or while driving only. Thanks
  7. Interior and Electronics
    I just installed a dash cam and a surface cell phone charger in my 2020 Forester Premium. Approximately 1 day after my check engine light came on and my eyesight assist went off. Now I have to take it to the dealership to reset. Has this happened to anyone else?
  8. News, Rumors and Media
    AAA tested several different driving assist systems. Eyesight got good marks for adaptive cruise, but lane keeping not so much.
  9. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    I bought a 2015 Forester new in late 2014 and for the first 35-40K miles it was great. First the eyesight failed a few months out of warranty with a repair cost of 2500 and a one year warranty on the new eyesight. Oh, to be fair Subaru did offer 700.00 in assistance toward that repair but with...
1-9 of 9 Results