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extended warranty

  1. ('19+) 2019 - My Subaru Roadside / Gold Plus Experience

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    Thought I post my experience with Gold Plus Warranty / Subaru Roadside Assistance. My 2019 Forester had a breakdown this past weekend. Long story short, it would not start, and after several minutes of jumping the battery, it still would not start. Weather was about 15F locally. I called...
  2. Gold Plus Extended warranty?

    Warranty (incl Pre-Purchase).
    Hi guys! I just bought my first Subaru Forester and opted for the gold plus warranty. I’m now having second thoughts with the price being $2500 for 10yrs/100k/$0, and am thinking about cancelling it. I live in FL and was told that the state doesn’t let us purchase these from out of state...
  3. Just became part of the Pleiades Persuasion. Warranty?

    New Member Introductions
    Salutations, I recently bought a lease-return 2018 2.5i Manual in Quartz Blue Pearl. Since I brought the wife's Sienna to work today (it needs tires), no pictures at this time. Just a quick question... I currently have 35,500 miles. Opinions on Warranty: Not necessary, Classic, or Gold...
  4. Subaru Protection Plan - good or not

    I am buying a used 2017 Forester Touring with Eyesight with 50 thousand km from a dealer. It has just finished the 3-year warranty and the dealer is offering the Subaru Protection Plan for $1700 which provides "complete" protection for another 100 thousand km. Is it worth the peace of mind...