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  1. Interior and Electronics
    [was not sure which forum to post this in exactly] We love our forester but grew tired of the rather loud engine. We decided to make a rather small investment of about $115 (USD) to attempt to reduce engine noise passing through the hood/bonnet and into the cabin. Short story short? It worked...
  2. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Hey, got a 2011 Forester (mt) this summer. It has recently started to make a supercharger-like whining noise under acceleration. It is noticeable upwards of 2k RPM, and gets louder as the revs climb. Any ideas on what it might be? I found a thread in NASIOC where the issue was found to be the AC...
  3. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Hi, I own a 2017 Subaru Forester XT Touring that I purchased back in March and for a week or so now, I have noticed that the turbo psi is hanging a bit high from the -13 psi I died to see when I'm at idle or just released the accelerator. It now just rests at -8 and -9 then sometimes drop to...
1-3 of 3 Results