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  1. EE20 - 2.0L Diesel
    Hello, I'm the owner of a Subaru Outback 2.0 turbo diesel. When I bought the car had 93k km and now has almost 115k km. I didn't have any issue, it works good, from my point of view, all the changes I have done were at the Subaru dealer. My question is regarding the engine, which I know that...
  2. EE20 - 2.0L Diesel
    First time poster here. I am doing an EE20 swap in my VW T2 westfalia. I have the motor and Trans and am looking into a proper fuel management unit. I have found a couple options but they all seem to have a DBW pedal and throttle body. Does anyone know of a plug and play system that would allow...
  3. EE20 - 2.0L Diesel
    Hello , i replaced my ee20 engine from an XV 2012 with a 2010 ee20 engine from a Forester.I placed my injectors, heating plugs , and turbo charger , but the engine refuses to start.any ideas?
  4. EE20 - 2.0L Diesel
    Decided to do another DPF clean, in order to make it worthwhile taking it off, to do some exhaust wrapping. I made a better effort to plug up the holes, to keep the cleaning solution inside. (see pic). So this time it was less of a guessing game and much more straight forward (as I took the...
  5. EE20 - 2.0L Diesel
    After much research and a little educated gambling I found the solution to the dreaded crankshaft failure problem plaguing EE20 engines. I can confidently confirm the problem lies in the block manufacturing process. Why ? I have worked in aircraft component overhaul and machining of high...
  6. EE20 - 2.0L Diesel
    Hi! Thanks for taking a look... I wasn't sure if the belt tensioner is the problem here, or just a rough idle. I have a bunch of lights illuminated on the dash, having those checked for codes tomorrow morning. Otherwise the car runs great. So if I need to replace the worn parts- any idea if...
  7. EE20 - 2.0L Diesel
    Does anyone know what happened to the Subaru Diesel Crew wordpress blog? It was very technical, but a lot of good information there. Is there anyway the information was archived?
  8. Motor Conversions
    I am planning an EE20 swap in my 2008 FXT. Has anybody done this before? I have seen some posts about swapping EE20s into imprezas and other models but nothing with the foresters. This is going to be one small portion of my build but i am hoping it wont be the most difficult one.