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  1. Motor Conversions
    Hi all, I need a bunch of work done to my 02 fozzie, and I haven’t gotten a quote yet, but I bet that it would cost more than it would to just swap my 2.5 N/A for the 2.0T that came in the jdm car. Is it possible (since it’s still from an sf fozzie, just jdm) to use an ecu from the jdm version...
  2. FB20 - 2.0L Non-Turbo (2011+ Euro-spec)
    Hi, I have recently replaced my 2.5l N/A forester with a 2.0l N/A. I really enjoy everything about it, but I am lacking just that slight bit of power I got out of my 2.5l. Now I have looked far and wide here and might have missed something, but I do not see people writing about performance...
  3. Engine Management, Tuning and Datalogging
    i have a 2005 pre facelift xt and there is a tuned ecu for sale atm. Just wanting to know what I need to know/do if I were to buy it?
  4. EE20 - 2.0L Diesel
    Wondering if someone can tell me how to see what software version my ECU has and if anyone knows what the latest version is? Car is a 2014 Forester 2.0 TD. Thanks!
  5. Sourcing Parts & Accessories
    I’m looking for a 05 fxt manual ecu and under dash wiring harness to complete my 4eat to 5mt swap. Please message me if you have these parts or know where to get them. Even if you know part #’s anything helps! Thank you
  6. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    My 2017 FXT is relatively new to me I bought it with 62,000 miles on it. Right at about 68,000 a couple hundred miles after an oil change I'm driving down the highway and the engine just loses power and slowly in limp mode I'm able to get over to the overpass. After failing to start it multiple...
  7. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    It started with CEL Code p0021 P0011 I thought that my camshaft sensor is going bad or some wiring got wet. When I was driving car home it was raining hard, and the black plastic trim to protect from water on the front driver side wheel well is off. Upon inspection, I noticed lots of moisture...
  8. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Yesterday we drove roughly 150 miles round trip to various stores a town across state. Nothing abnormal. Got about 10 miles from home and my dash lights up like a Christmas tree with everything turning off, RAB, EyeSight, etc. I get a message on the screen saying "Check Owners Manual", etc. The...
  9. Engine Management, Tuning and Datalogging
    Hi all! Yesterday I was finally able to read my ecu by selecting 2007+ from the list. Previously was hitting my head into sti05 and it always failed. Well anyways, I found out that in the ecu in diagnostics codes the CAT EFFICIENCY BELOW THRESHOLD was disabled, with numerous...
  10. Engine Management, Tuning and Datalogging
    Hello folks. I'm hoping there might be something simple I am missing here. I have read the ECU with ECUFLASH successfully, but it comes up and says Rom Unknown. I've tried various definition files I've found online, but nothing changes. I've reinstalled ECUFlash a few times as well. Any...
  11. Motor Conversions
    Hi, I am still struggling to find a replacement engine for my 04 SG in the scarce local market. I am being offered a EJ254 engine, with ECU and mated to an AT (which I would not use). Apparently the donor car was an 02 Legacy (I don't know if JDM or USDM). Compression is good. Does anybody...
  12. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Hello fellow Subaru owners, I own 2004 Subaru Forester X 2.5 this my first post on this forum. I experienced a problem with the engine cut off mid drive. I won't restart, I want to find out if there is a way of testing for ECU failure. Unfortunately, I cannot use the code reader device as the...
  13. Engine Management, Tuning and Datalogging
    Anyone have the 2013 Forester ECU Pinout diagram?
  14. Europe
    Hey I have look all over the internett for a ecu pin out diagram for a s turbo 1999 without any luck, and a wiring harness diagram. Does someone here have it or a link to it?' Sorry for bad english.
  15. Motor Conversions
    Hello all, long time lurker first time poster. I’m embarking on a bit of a frankenbuild, here it is: 2000 JDM st/b STI with a blown block Wanna drop a v7 EJ207 into it, strap a GT30r turbo to it and do all intake/exhaust work IPT tranny cuz I’m lazy and my left knee will not do the manual...
  16. Interior and Electronics
    Hi, Has anyone ever had or heard of the engine immobiliser resetting after an ECU reset? By ECU reset I mean just by disconnecting the battery, pumping the breaks and reconnecting the battery method. Cheers! MY06 XT
  17. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    My 2001 Forester bruke down about 2 years ago egen drifting a grassfield. I have tried fixing it with no luck. I bought a cheap OBD2 scanner to see if i could find some codes, but it was not able to connect to the ECU. I later tried an iCar OBD2 scanner with the same result. I can sometimes get...
  18. Motor Conversions
    Hello, if you are reading this maybe you can help. I have a 2006 Subaru forester with avls. The timing belt broke and bent a couple valves. I have a spare 2005 Subaru foreater that tuns great but the body is beat up badly. Both engines look identical. Just wondering if i could get away with...
  19. Australia / New Zealand
    Just wondering if anyone’s got a pinout for 1998 forester gt. 2.0l DOHC turbo, I’m doing a swap from a wreck into my car with a blown motor, I’ve got the loom out and have started tracing wires. Would be a much shorter process with a diagram, any help would be appreciated, thanks
  20. EJ25 - 2.5L Non-Turbo (1998-2010)
    I feel that this is an ominous start for me on these forums. Despite not owning a Subie since 2013, I have enough co-workers with them that have required my emotional, physical and technical support while pulling engines and trans to get my Subie fix while owning several German cars. I am also...
1-20 of 20 Results