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drain plug

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  1. Transmission and Driveline
    So my transmission was shifting a little harsh and first thing I tried is replacing the tranny fluid/oil, as I don't know what oil they put in after the rebuild. (Yes the tranny was rebuild exactly one year ago). I know some minor metal particles are to be expected. So it was shifting a little...
  2. Transmission and Driveline
    Hello, I am new here and wondering if anyone can help with some part numbers for the front differential fill and drain plug or point me in the direction where I can locate some more resources. I'm based in Australia so there are limited aftermarket resources so I've based a lot of research on...
  3. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    I was searching for the transmission oil pan drain plug gasket for my Forester XT - 15 and found this one: Part Number: 803916100 Gasket 16.3x22x1.0 Material: not sure Also, acording to some pictures on Internet, engine oil pan drain plug gasket is very similar to transmission plug gasket: Part...
  4. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Went to drain/fill front and rear diff lube and replace the 4 qts of AT fluid from draining AT pan. Rear diff and AT pan went fine, no issue with getting the drain/fill plugs out. Went to the front diff with new T70 bit and breaker bar in hand. Had cleaned and soaked drain plug with PB Blaster...
1-4 of 4 Results