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  1. Dealer/Vendor Reviews
    I can't rave enough about Planet Subaru. After waiting 12 weeks for another dealership to come up with a Subaru Forester for me, and not giving me ANY updates during that time, I looked online hoping I could find one on a lot somewhere that hadn't been sold. Planet Subaru had TWO that fit my...
  2. Forester Shopping
    Deciding between a Crosstrek to a Forester avail here locally. The Forester is a real beaut - 2019 Jasper Green with light grey interior, but is this car too fancy for an active lifestyle? If anyone has this color with cloth interior, what does your upholstery look like after a few years? Are...
  3. Product Reviews
    Looking for reviews of the thule collapsible kennel. Links to previous discussion welcome. is it any good? is it worth the money? does it fit as expected? are they other better options to consider? seems good to have the dog secured in the kennel like that. will probably purchase just want...
  4. Forester Shopping
    I am looking at the 2021 Forester Sport. i have two kids who will occupy the back seats, and a have a pandemic pup who will eventually be 90lbs. My wife insists that the dog should go north-south in the cargo area, so that we can store stuff to his right. She has a cage in mind that is a...
  5. Car Care
    How would I go about deep-cleaning the rugs in my forester? I want to remove the seats and any possible trim to access as much of the rug as possible and shampoo it. The previous owner had a dog and the entire car REAKS of dog, so I fig deep cleaning the rug was a good place to start to remove...
  6. Parts For Sale or Trade
    Have like new with all hardware for 2009-2013 Subaru Forester with sunroof dog carrier part # F551SSC300for back of vehicle . Sells for $280 to $300 online I’m selling for $175
1-6 of 6 Results