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  1. Utility and Protection
    Hey y'all, I'm new, so if I'm going about this incorrectly, I apologize. I recently purchased a 2015 Forester 2.5i limited. It's my first major purchase, and I'm quite satisfied and excited with the performance thus far and the opportunities that await. I went ahead and got some OEM cross bars...
  2. Interior and Electronics
    [was not sure which forum to post this in exactly] We love our forester but grew tired of the rather loud engine. We decided to make a rather small investment of about $115 (USD) to attempt to reduce engine noise passing through the hood/bonnet and into the cabin. Short story short? It worked...
  3. Interior and Electronics
    Let me know if you'd like me to create a thread with my installation and how the process goes Just picked up an '09 Forester Premium at 50k miles with MT! Didn't know the premium didn't have heated seats. I'm looking to install some myself. Does anybody know if the premium model comes with...
  4. Sourcing Parts & Accessories
    So my Forester got hit in the front. As I'm working to get it fixed and driving again, I noticed that replacement grilles are shockingly expensive. I intend to keep a lookout in local junkyards but in the meantime does anyone have a good suggestion for a DIY solution that doesn't look bad?
  5. Brakes
    I bought an 98 forester so I was disappointed to find out that it does not have a LSD especially since I do some overlanding/offroading with it. I was debating getting a lsd but I also have read they are not the most effective. And a LSD would only help split torque in the rear. If only I could...
  6. Suspension and Handling
    I want to make my own HDPE lift as it would be considerably cheaper than purchasing a pre built one, and I am curious if anyone has attempted this/already has a diagram or dimensions drawn up of the struts. Any suggestions for DIY HDPE lifts would be appreciated as well! 2016 FXT Premium
  7. EJ25 - 2.5L Non-Turbo (1998-2010)
    Hey everyone. So I have a 2001 N/A Forester S, and I've been researching for air intake options that wouldn't break the bank. Eventually I came to the conclusion of just doing some custom work because as it stands, anything is better than the way my car is currently getting air (it is drawing...