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  1. ('03-'05) Front Grille

    Parts & Accessories
    So my Forester got hit in the front. As I'm working to get it fixed and driving again, I noticed that replacement grilles are shockingly expensive. I intend to keep a lookout in local junkyards but in the meantime does anyone have a good suggestion for a DIY solution that doesn't look bad?
  2. ('98-'00) 1998 - DIY VDC for Off-roading?

    I bought an 98 forester so I was disappointed to find out that it does not have a LSD especially since I do some overlanding/offroading with it. I was debating getting a lsd but I also have read they are not the most effective. And a LSD would only help split torque in the rear. If only I could...
  3. ('14-'18) 2016 - Looking for Strut Dimensions?

    Suspension and Handling
    I want to make my own HDPE lift as it would be considerably cheaper than purchasing a pre built one, and I am curious if anyone has attempted this/already has a diagram or dimensions drawn up of the struts. Any suggestions for DIY HDPE lifts would be appreciated as well! 2016 FXT Premium
  4. ('01-'02) 2001 - Possible Custom "Air box" Idea?

    EJ25 - 2.5L Non-Turbo (1998-2010)
    Hey everyone. So I have a 2001 N/A Forester S, and I've been researching for air intake options that wouldn't break the bank. Eventually I came to the conclusion of just doing some custom work because as it stands, anything is better than the way my car is currently getting air (it is drawing...