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  1. 2020 - Maguiers hyper detailer vs 303 protectent?

    Car Care
    Hi Folks, new member. Proud owner of a new forester. Black with lots of black trim inside and out. Got a bottle of both and went to it today. Hands down the 303 left a deeper darker black both inside and out. I use some of the other Maguiers products and love them, but it’s the 303 for me...
  2. 2006 - Just inherited - Grandma was a chain smoker - where do I start with the detailing the vents?

    Car Care
    Does anyone have any experience detailing and removing a very deeply rooted smoke. My grandma willed me her 2006 Forester and she chain smoked, I am going to get a fabric shampooer for the seats and carpets. I have reservations to use it on the ceiling liner but probably will still. I'm more...
  3. 2014 - What detailing treatment for roof rack?

    Car Care
    I can't really tell what kind of treatment the factory roof rack should get when detailing and waxing the car. The rack looks like it was painted matte black from the factory, also has about 6 years of sun fading. It doesn't seem like hand polishing and waxing would be the right way to go...
  4. 2010 - Rug deep-cleaning - previous owner had a dog and the entire car REAKS!

    Car Care
    How would I go about deep-cleaning the rugs in my forester? I want to remove the seats and any possible trim to access as much of the rug as possible and shampoo it. The previous owner had a dog and the entire car REAKS of dog, so I fig deep cleaning the rug was a good place to start to remove...
  5. 2019 - When to wax, is it needed in lieu of Poly Gloss?

    Car Care
    Hey all, I recently invested in a foam cannon and I'm using the Griot's Garage "Foaming Surface Prep" and "Poly Gloss" afterwards. Really satisfied with the results. When the car is especially dirty, I'll do a contact wash with Griot's Brilliant Finish car wash between the two foaming steps...