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  1. Interior and Electronics
    Hi . I would be happy for help knowing where to place the dash cam viofo 119 in forester 2020 With eyesight . Which fuses should be used In the fuse box. 1) for 24 hours continuous . 2) Or while driving only. Thanks
  2. Interior and Electronics
    Has anyone heard of these or used them on their subaru? Dongar Technologies I have been thinking of getting a dashcam for my 2019 forester with homelink mirror. I don't want to do any wiring...
  3. Interior and Electronics
    I saw a few threads about this but couldn't find anything conclusive. Problem: Routing a cable to a rear dash cam. How do you access the rear grommet from the headliner? Do you remove a portion of the headliner? There's also the plastic piece at the top of the rear window that I assume comes...