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  1. Transmission and Driveline
    Hi all, EDIT: I found a good diagram in this old post. I’m hoping to order the parts I need and create one comprehensive post here. I've been doing some research for some time - a lot of that on this forum. My overall goal is to install an OEM CVT cooler in my 2015 Forester Limited and...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I put in an order for a grey Sport last week and am expecting it sometime in May. It will be my second Forester and a worthy successor to the old 2002 silver stallion in my profile pic, which I've been missing ever since it died a few years ago. I was also very interested in the Wildy edition...
  3. Members' Journals
    Hello fairly new to the forum, Havnt made many posts. After about a year of modifications I figured I would share if anyone else was looking to do similar upgrades. Did a lot of research from different sites to see what works and had some trial and error moments. Willing to answer any questions...
  4. Transmission and Driveline
    Well this is a pretty simple one, I have seen a few guys with coolers for their CVT transmissions, and I'm wondering if that's something worth doing? Will it improve the life span, or is this just a thing if you live in a super hot climate?
1-4 of 4 Results