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  1. Australian/NZ Marketplace
    Hi all! Some of you might have remembered when OZFOZ does a custom steelie set of 17 x 9 +25 Just wondering if anyone is out there with another set that is wiling to sell! Unfortunately I was in a car accident so one of my Steelies have buckled and have been told that it is unfixable from...
  2. Offroad Fozzies
    Am wondering what you might recommend to make the dirt road experience a bit softer without losing your highway and general driving characteristics? I am assuming a Subaru specialist like Subi-Evolution in Brendale, Brisbane (for Queenslanders) could do it? Generally how much would you be...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I'm Maya, I bought this 02 SF back in July but am only now getting around to this forum. I got it in Massachusetts, spent the summer in Vermont, moved down to Florida and am about to take it to the West Coast for the summer. I call her Moo'n! I make rugs sometimes, so I made some...
  4. Central Forum
    I live I the Houston area and want a custom front and rear bumper made and installed on my 2016 forester. I can’t find anyone to do it. Anyone know of any shops that will do custom work for Subaru's in the Houston area?
1-5 of 5 Results