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  1. Lighting and Electrical
    So Im doing a stereo install and was unhooking the old strada system and was following some wires to see where they went. I ran across this connector, can anyone tell me what it is for? It was unplugged, but i dont see its mate anywhere. Thanks!
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, My name is Seth and I just bought a JDM Forester here in Germany. I don't have any drastic plans for the car, I don't want to dump a ton of money into, just want to bring it into the next decade lol. I already purchased an Apple Carplay headunit and backup camera. Later in the year...
  3. Europe
    Hi, Looking to get some advice on tuning Forester Cross Sports. I have the 2l turbo, manual, UK 55 reg. I've seen positive on Indigo but ideally would like somewhere nearer to Surrey/London. Plus any suggestions on best changes to make. Not looking for much more - possibly 50bhp and some...
  4. Lighting and Electrical
    Hey guys — new to the Forester Family and couldn’t be happier. Recently imported a 2.0 L cross sports turbo from Japan to Canada and didn’t realize the headlights were wired for HID. Unfortunately, the DOT headlights I purchased to replace them are halogens so they won’t work for the current...
1-4 of 4 Results