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  1. 2017 Forester vs Outback, and whether to go CPO or not.

    Forester Shopping
    Hi all, I'm looking to get back into the world of the Subaru after an 8 year hiatus. My desired price point has me looking at a 2017, either a Forester or an Outback. My big concern is about space. I'm coming from a Scion xB that had a deceptive amount of cargo space and great head...
  2. Tips for negotiating price on a 2015 Forester Premium

    Forester Shopping
    Hello! I am looking to buy my first Forester for my son, who will need an off-road vehicle for his line of work. I am looking at a CPO 2015 Premium with 44K miles. It is very clean inside. Edmunds values this car at about $17,500. The dealer has a sticker price of $18,995. It has only been...