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  1. ('19+) 2019 - Coolant loss?

    Cooling Systems
    I own a Forester Sport 2019, since July 2019. The last servicing by Subaru dealership happened in January and then the car was sitting in parking for 3months without any driving due to the virus situation and I being in another city. I had to get the car jumpstarted when I came back. Then car...
  2. ('09-'13) 2010 - Radiator Replacement?

    Cooling Systems
    Hi, My radiator is leaking along the plastic and aluminum seam like they generally do. This one made it 154,000mi. I've been researching which parts to swap out and ordered a new radiator, upper hose, and lower hose. Was going to get a new thermostat as well in case that was part of the problem...
  3. ('01-'02) 2001 - Which coolant?

    Cooling Systems
    Hello, I was wondering about which coolant I can use for my Subaru Forester 2001 (automatic). I tried to find out in the owner's manual but I didn't come far. Can I use the green coolant from Kmart? (Please have a look here:) Kmart Coolant I really don't know about cars... Thank you in...
  4. ('03-'05) 2003 - Strange coolant leak? Solved

    Cooling Systems
    Hi! I just bought a 2003 forester and it had a coolant leak that I am having trouble figuring out. I added dye and the leak seems to be in the rear, bottom drivers side. The steering rack, cv axle, cross member are soaked. The only hoses I can see that are in the area above it are the heater...
  5. ('14-'18) 2016 - Adding a coolant temperature gauge?

    Interior and Electronics
    Hello, What are the options for adding an actual coolant temperature gauge to a '16? I really don't get enough information from the idiot lights. I have a base model '16. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Jeff in Boston