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  1. ('14-'18) 2016 - Rough Cold Start (video)?

    FA20DIT - 2.0L Direct-Injection/Turbo (2014-2018)
    I got my car just about one year ago at this point and it's sitting at around 65,000 miles but I've had this sound on start up for as long as I can remember. I tried looking up similar problems but can only find stuff related to the chain which I don't believe is the same issue. It only happens...
  2. ('19+) 2020 Premium- Trouble starting in cold weather?

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    Hello all, I bought a 2020 Premium model Forester on Saturday after wanting a Subaru for a long time because of the safety rating and AWD. So I've only had it four days. Loved it so far. But we got a cold front in yesterday and the car didn't start the first time when I got in it to leave work...
  3. ('03-'05) 2005 - cranks but won't start on cold days >also> high idle when I shift into neutral?

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    hey guys, so I have a 2005 Forester manual 5speed that wont start in the cold. First a little info on the car, I bought it in the spring of this year in New York and replaced the steering rack a few months later. The car has 150,000 miles on it but has a second engine put in from the previous...
  4. Knock sound in first gear when cold (MT)

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    Hello, This is a first post, though not first time on this great forum. I’ve searched around for an existing thread before posting – I’ve encountered a knock sound coming from passenger side (RHD car) just after fully engaging first gear. On one occasion I believe I’ve also heard it after...