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  1. ('06-'08) 2008 - Help Installing OEM suspension!

    Suspension and Handling
    Hey all, very recently upgraded to an 08 WRB EJ205 Fozzy that is on Racelands. I had a 6 hour drive home so I spent hours in my buddies driveway trying to adjust the coilovers to be higher but no matter what I couldn't get it to raise the car (Factory Raceland springs). So I decided to try and...
  2. ('01-'02) 2002 - Loud scraping sound from the interior but silent from outside? (SF5)

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    Hello all, This past week I installed coilovers and new calipers/pads/rotors all around. The coils are Megan Racing wrx wagon coils and I removed the sub frame spacers to fix the suspension geometry. I don't believe this to be the problem but I fell that its necessary to mention as I did not...
  3. ('09-'13) 2010 Forester Suspension Modification

    Suspension and Handling
    So, how interchangeable are Subaru's varying car models and their parts within a corresponding year? I have a 2010 forester that I am looking to lower a bit but Id like to stay with Subaru parts for consistency. Can I just swap some 2010 WRX struts for my current struts? If so, what issues will...
  4. ('14-'18) 2015 - Front + Rear Swaybar Upgrade

    Suspension and Handling
    Hello, I got a 2015 FXT. So far I have installed CUSCO Front Strut Tower Bar (PT# 697 540 A). Now I plan to lower the Forester with Coils so that I can raise it back up if the time calls for it. But as far as this topic goes I got a question about Sway bars. I been considering doing 100% of...
  5. ('06-'08) 2006-2008 forester with 2002-2005 WRX suspension

    Suspension and Handling
    Hi, im looking into buying coilovers and my friend is selling coilovers for a 2002 WRX EJ205 and is telling me the coilovers would fit no problem, i just wanted to get this confirmed that they will fit. he also told me a lot of parts will fit from that year of a WRX onto a forester, true?
  6. ('06-'08) 2006 XT - Will 2002-2006 WRX Raceland Ultimos fit?

    Suspension and Handling
    Hello everyone! I currently have my 2006 FXT lowered on a full set of 2002 WRX Stock Struts and Springs. One of the struts has gone bad, and being that this car is my winter daily, I don't want to go crazy with sinking a lot of money into it. That being said, I have a buddy who has an almost...
  7. ('14-'18) 2016 - Lowering Springs with Stock Strut Combo vs. Coilovers?

    Suspension and Handling
    I'm planning to lower my ride. I'm having a constant dilemma whether I will buy a set of coilovers vs. lowering spring w/ stock strut combo. I've read a lot of reviews regarding them but still choosing between those two. I wanted the ride to be as comfortable as stock or even better. Inputs /...