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climate control

  1. Air Conditioning and Ventilation
    Hi sorry if this is in the wrong area i tried to search first. I have a 2013 forester limited my ac compressor seized up i replaced it and now my entire climate control system seems to be dead. I checked fuses for the blower the seem to be intact any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Interior and Electronics
    Is there a way for me to see the temperature digitally on any display in 2021 forester premium? I am changing the temperature but it is more random as I cannot see the temperature on any screen.. what am I missing? PS: first time subaru buyer, so I might have missed something obvious.
  3. Interior and Electronics
    Hey y’all I have a base 2015 forester and I’m currently upgrading my interior. I have the climate controls with less options and thus a mfd with only one screen like the first picture. I want to upgrade to the temp controls that have more buttons and more than 4 ac settings and it seems to...
  4. Lighting and Electrical
    Hello Fellow Subians! My name is Randy and I am in the process of just making my little beaut (01' @ nearly 370,000 miles) perfect. I am looking for any advice, any specifics that have worked for others, or maybe just some fun ideas that have ultimately spiced up your tiny obsessions with...