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  1. EJ25 - 2.5L Turbocharged (2004-2013)
    Hi all, I’m looking at doing some exhaust mods on my stock 2011 XT. I want to do an up-pipe and full turboback. I really like the invidia q300, but can’t find one that comes with a new 3” cat pipe and would like to not reuse the original with adapters. What has your guys’ experience been with...
  2. EJ25 - 2.5L Non-Turbo (1998-2010)
    Background: N/A 2001 Forester S, Custom 2.25 inch magnaflow catback, stock headers, stock 1.75 inch(?) dual cat pipe (gutted). My goal is to acheive a nice tone, but also be decently (noticably) loud. Which would be louder? A: My stock gutted dual cat pipe OR B: My stromung Single highflow...
1-2 of 3 Results