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  1. Engine and Exhaust
    I’m looking to replace the cat back in my ‘11 Forester NA as it’s rusted and one muffler has already separated at the flange. Can’t go with Invidia or Xforce as they have 3” piping. Then I came across a SS cat back from Borla 140324 for the 08-11 Impreza. Tech specs show: Single 2.25" into Dual...
  2. Parts Wanted
    I'm located in Northeast US but I'm willing to pay for shipping. Bonus points if you have a Stromung or Tsudo.
  3. Parts Wanted
    Hi! Looking for a nice used INVIDIA Q300 EXHAUST / HS08SW4GT3 for my 2014 Forester XT.... maybe someone's changed their mind?? Bonus points for northern New Mexico / Colorado area...
1-3 of 3 Results