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  1. Utility and Protection
    In the southwest corner of Washington, we get a lot of rain and a bit of wind. This year, we got snow and ice as well I want both a car cover and a front-windshield only cover (with side mirror cozies) that will last Thank you for your recommendations
  2. Sourcing Parts & Accessories
    Hi, i have a 1998 Forester and I'm looking for a full cover for it for this winter. I live in Brooklyn so it's not a mad winter but bound to snow so I'd like to have a full cover ready to go. I had a look online and I just get lost in a bunch of stuff that won't fit and looks rubbish. So I...
  3. Utility and Protection
    Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone knows of a good fitting car cover (indoor or outdoor) that'll fit my 2006 SG9. I'm planning on letting it sit in my garage for a while but I can't find any good ones for sale. I found the OEM Subaru car cover part number (M001SSA000) but they're...
1-3 of 3 Results